Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pay By Touch Healthcare for Retail Pharmacy

Here is Pay By Touch's overview on their Retail Pharmacy solution, which will be my final follow-up to the Pay By Touch Healthcare Solutions article entitled: D2B Pay By Touch Has it Down to the "T" I posted a while back. From their website:

Increase the speed and throughput at your pharmacy while significantly reducing transaction costs with both consumers and in customer identification and authentication.

Pay By Touch Healthcare Solutions offers much innovative integration with your Rx operating system and to your external payers that will have a meaningful positive impact on your operating costs - while greatly enhancing the customer experience.

When your customers use the Pay By Touch service in your store you can expect:

  • 40-50% increases in line speed
  • Savings of up to $0.70 per transaction
  • Integration with your Rx operations to minimize reversals and meet audit and compliance requirements
  • Reduced switch costs for consumer authentication
  • Enhanced effectiveness and efficiencies in managing your customer loyalty programs
  • Minimize costly mistakes and reversals

Pay By Touch Healthcare Solutions, you can uniquely identify your customers in a secure manner, saving costs and improving the customer experience.

Back to the Future

The retail pharmacy industry was built on the foundation of the local pharmacist as a trusted partner in your health and wellness.

Pay By Touch Healthcare Solutions has several innovative programs that make that foundation even more meaningful today.

  • Refill Self Service
  • Management of healthy lifestyles
  • Services that extend beyond the store
  • Integration of in-store clinics and wellness/monitoring stations
  • Simplified regulatory and operational management