Monday, October 29, 2007

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Want to Keep Up on the Payments Industry?

There are a few good Payments Related Magazines that I subscribe to. Over the course of the next couple days, I will provide information on these trade magazines and how to subscribe.

Besides providing good payments news, there's other good news!

They are free to qualified payments professionals!

Just Click the "Subscribe for Free" link below and it will take you to their Free Subscription Form. Digital Transaction News comes HIGHLY recommended. I have subscribed since it's inaugural issue back in January 2004.

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"The GreenSheet" which has been a staple publication for the payments industry since the mid 1990's. I've been a subscriber since 1997 and they covered the launch of P.A.I.D. (Payment Authorized, Instantly Debited) my real-time electronic check program back in 2002 which was subsequently sold to Pay By Touch.

You may subscribe either electronically or receive the actual magazine (published weekly) at no cost. For those who don't already receive it, you're missing a great publication. I'll point you to the subscription form tomorrow.

Their current issue has an article on Pay By Touch's Internet PIN Debit Program which is offered through ATM Direct. I'll post that article on the Pay By Touch Blog tomorrow as well in a separate post.

Have a great day and enjoy your subscription to Digital Transaction News!