Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bigg's Elects to Roll Out Pay By Touch to all Stores

The supermarket chain Bigg's is launching several initiatives this week as it upgrades stores and adds new services, from Kosher meats to the Pay By Touch fingertip payment systems.

At the Bigg's store at Highland Ridge, the retailer has expanded and added several departments including the Kosher Marketplace, featuring kosher meats, breads, cakes, wine and dairy products. It will officially open Oct. 24.

On the same day Bigg's will unveil its renovated Delhi store, with an enhanced wine and beer department and expanded produce, meat, seafood and deli departments. The store also will feature a Honey Baked Ham Express kiosk through the holidays.

Lastly, Bigg's this week is rolling out its Pay By Touch register payment system, wherein the shopper can place a finger on a special scanner and the value of the transaction is automatically deducted from her bank account.

This service, now at the stores in Oakley, Mason, Florence and Skytop Pavilion on Beechmont Road, will be rolled out to Bigg's other locations.

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