Saturday, March 10, 2007

Pay By Touch On Fast Track

Pay By Touch Indy (in the) Champ Car World Series

Pay By Touch showed up as the primary sponsor on the Tristan Gommendy car Friday at Mazda Raceway and a spokesperson for PKV Racing told that there would be two more sponsors coming aboard soon. Pay By Touch provides biometric and credit/debit card transactions.

Although a technical bulletin advised teams to present themselves with fully liveried racecars for this test, the balance of the Panoz DP01 machines are the unpainted basic carbon black.

Gommendy’s #22 Pay By Touch car simply has their partial logo on sidepods and full logo on the front and rear spoilers, but is otherwise, as delivered, lacking any paint.

Looking forward to seeing it in PBT green.
Here's some pictures taken and posted by required)

The last picture is "touched up" in PBT green. The Champ Car World Series schedule includes pit stops in Australia, China, Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada and Mexico as well as several here in the US

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