Thursday, March 29, 2007

Foresight is 2020 and Worth $10 Billion

Biometrics revenue to reach $10 billion by 2020: Report

Louisville, Colo. — Acuity Market Intelligence of Louisville, Colo. released results from its market research report "The Future of Biometrics."

This report indicates the biometrics market is poised for sustained growth through 2020 approaching revenues of $10 billion annually.

Ubiquitous reliance on digital transactions and the inevitability of broadband access virtually everywhere will require a level of authentication available only through the use of biometrics.

KEY CONCLUSION: Over the next 10 years the infrastructure to enable mainstream, ubiquitous biometric authentication will be developed. Biometrics will be a critical embedded component of the digital world, as it becomes a key enabler of trusted transaction control – data access and flow - for both personal and commercial use.

This secure transaction capability will ultimately define the genuine opportunity for revenue associated with deployment of biometric technologies. The technology itself will, in many respects, become inconsequential as the applications it delvers become essential components of 21st century life.