Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Pay By Touch Introduces New Kiosk

Introduces Rapid Enroll Kiosk to Improve Loyalty Program Enrollment
Internet-Enabled System Expedites Enrollment, Reduces Processing Costs, Improves Customer Experience

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 24, 2006 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Pay By Touch, the leader in integrated biometric authentication, personalized marketing and payment solutions, today announced the immediate availability of its Rapid Enroll Kiosk(TM). The new Internet-enabled retail kiosks speed and streamline enrollment for loyalty and rewards programs. The system allows for quick and easy customer sign up, and reduces enrollment processing time and expense for grocers and retailers.

"Pay By Touch is committed to providing retailers with innovative solutions that improve the customer experience and make business sense," said John Rogers, founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pay By Touch. "The new Pay By Touch Rapid Enroll Kiosk simplifies loyalty program enrollment for customers and reduces costs associated with enrollment for merchants."

The Rapid Enroll Kiosk was developed by Pay By Touch's Personalized Marketing division, which helps businesses manage loyalty and reward marketing programs with a full range of enrollment and database services.

"Virtually all of today's retailers have created a loyalty program because it has proven to be a valuable marketing and customer retention tool. However, paper enrollments are slow, error prone, and overwhelm customer service personnel," said Jeff Grider, vice president, Pay By Touch personalized marketing. "Pay By Touch Rapid Enroll Kiosks automate enrollment, thereby enabling stores to enroll customers into their programs faster and more accurately -- often reducing the store processing time from weeks to minutes."

With the new in-store, Internet-enabled enrollment kiosks, customers can sign up quickly, accurately and securely using an integrated 'phone number look-up' application. To use the system, customers simply enter their phone number and a secondary identifier -- such as the last three letters of their last name -- and their address information is populated automatically. Customers can also choose to manually enter their information through a simple touch-screen process.

The direct input of customer data using the Rapid Enroll Kiosks prevents common enrollment processing issues, including application handwriting legibility, false applications, forgotten stickers and application loss.

The Rapid Enroll Kiosk offers multiple financing options available for retailers of all sizes. Pay By Touch Personalized Marketing can create custom reward and loyalty programs for retailers with no established program or under-performing programs in need of revitalization. Future enhancements to the kiosk will enable consumers to enroll their biometric information, ultimately eliminating the need for a card.

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