Thursday, October 26, 2006

Atlanta Retailer Adopts Bio-Pay By Touch

Crook's Marketplace & Hit N' Run Embrace Popular Biometric Payment System to Offer Faster, Safer, More Private Transactions

Georgia residents now can conveniently and securely pay for groceries, snacks and gasoline with the touch of a finger at Crook's Marketplace and Hit N' Run in Senoia. Powered by Pay By Touch(TM), the leader in integrated biometric authentication, personalized marketing and payment solutions, the new finger scan payment system is the first of its kind in the Atlanta metro area.

"The finger scan system debits a shopper's checking account just like writing a check or using a debit card. The difference is that finger scans are more secure than paper checks, and there is no need to fumble with a wallet or purse," said Greg Crook, Owner of Crook's. "Since account numbers are not exposed, the service gives shoppers greater privacy and offers faster checkouts."

As a special introductory offer, shoppers who enroll in the 'BioPay'- branded* finger scan system at Crook's will receive a free half gallon of Mayfield ice cream and get $5 off their next purchase when they spend $25 or more using the system. Those that enroll at the Hit N' Run will get a free fountain drink and candy bar at enrollment and, after their third use, a free 12-pack of Coke or Pepsi products. Customers also will receive a 3-cent off discount on each gallon of gas purchased using the system through the end of November.

Signing up is easy with a picture ID, voided check and simple finger scan. The system is free, and customer information is never sold. Once enrolled, shoppers can immediately make purchases with the touch of a finger at any retailer offering the BioPay-branded service.

In addition to increased speed and convenience, finger-scan payments provide the ultimate in privacy and security. No one -- not even the store associate -- sees shoppers' account numbers, or which payment method they used to make purchases.

"Paying with the touch of a finger is a win-win for consumers and merchants alike," said John Rogers, founder, chairman, and CEO of Pay By Touch. "Shoppers can make faster, more private purchases with full confidence that their personal information remains secure before, during, and after the transaction."

About Crook's
Crook's is family owned and has proudly supported the local community since 1913 years. Crook's operates the Marketplace Supermarket and the Hit N Run convenience store in Senoia, GA.

*Editor's Note: Pay By Touch, which recently acquired substantially all assets of BioPay, operates the BioPay-branded biometric payment network throughout the country.