Monday, October 16, 2006

Advantage: Pay By Touch

The TrueMe technology brings authentication services to individuals instead of limiting the process to a specific machine, said Goelz.

"This will have a huge advantage to e-commerce on the Internet," he added.

The same finger sensor used for online authentication can also be used to protect the data on the computer, the company said.

In addition, multiple users can share the same computer by registering their individual fingers on the TrueMe sensor without compromising security. With other security devices, sharing is nearly impossible, and local data protection is not addressed, UPEK maintained.

The innovative technology eliminates the risk factor for online merchants, Goelz pointed out. "It answers the question all online merchants ask, that is, 'How do I know the true identity of my customer?' For online merchants, it reduces risk and thus lowers the cost of doing business on the Internet."

The new on-demand service, which targets both individuals and businesses, will free Internet users from setting up separate passwords for different purposes.

"With TrueMe, a simple touch of the finger gives chief
security officers the security they demand while giving users the simplicity they desire," said Jon Siegal, executive vice president of Pay By Touch. The new technology will put individual and corporate authentication on a higher security level, said UPEK.

"The same level of hardware-based security and convenience UPEK provides to millions of users for their personal and business computers can now be extended over the Internet by creating a trusted path between businesses and their customers," noted President and CEO Alan Kramer.