Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tampa Bay Video of PBT Opening

Temple Terrace, Florida — Convenience stores are all about getting in and out quickly. That’s why a little device at one Bay Area gas station is attracting so much attention.

Amir Hawatmeh, Coast to Coast Convenience Store Owner:
“You’re writing us a check, without writing us a check, using your finger print.”

It’s called
Pay By Touch and utilizes the latest in biometric technology. Customers sign up with their driver’s license, checking account information, and finger print.

Amir Hawatmeh, Coast to Coast Convenience Store Owner: “We scan both fingers in, both your right and left fingers in. God forbid you burn your finer on one, we’ve got the other one.”

From there a simple touch is all it takes to pay. The customer is automatically identified and the total deducted just like a check or debit card purchase.

Every person’s print is unique. The scanning device is so advanced it even checks the finger for body temperature and pulse.

Amir Hawatmeh, Coast to Coast Convenience Store Owner:
“If somebody God forbid chops it off… they can’t come in with a cold finger. It’s not going to work.”

Some customers are skeptical of the new Pay By Touch technology. Leslie Rotureau, Store Customer: “As you know, as soon as they come up with this technology, someone will find out a way to beat it.”

But for others, it’s an amazing idea. Chuck Justice, Store Customer:

“It’s a nice easy way, convenient to get in and get out.” About 250 customers have signed up at this
first Florida location. The company hopes to soon install scanners at other grocery, gas and convenience stores across the area.