Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Pay by Touch Makes History

Pay By Touch Announces First Ever Pin-Debit Payment Option for Online Purchases

The J. Paul Company Signs On as First Internet Retailer to Offer Pin Debit Payments for Shopper Convenience

Pay By Touch, the leading provider of biometric authentication, personalized rewards and payment solutions, today introduced the industry's first software-only PIN-debit payment service, offered via its ATM Direct division.

The new service, announced in conjunction with the 2006 Internet Retailer Show in Chicago, is an ideal payment alternative for consumers who have limited credit or are seeking a more secure way to pay on the Internet.

For Internet retailers, the service provides lower processing fees, reduced fraud and access to millions of consumers who are looking for increased security when using their debit card to make purchases on the Internet.

"Consumers want more secure financial transactions online, and our service provides a framework of multi-factor authentication and the increased security of using a PIN number to authenticate a debit card," said John Rogers, founder, chairman and CEO of Pay By Touch. This is an exciting first step that will be adopted by more and more card issuers, payment networks and ecommerce retailers who are dedicated to solutions that decrease Internet fraud."

The J. Paul Company, a promotional products provider, is the product's first customer. The Web-based retailer will begin offering the new payment alternative in July, and expects increased sales by customers who seek a more secure and flexible payment option.

"There are many people who don't have credit cards -- or prefer the security of authenticating their debit card transaction with a PIN online," said Steve Tabor, vice president of The J. Paul Company. "By allowing shoppers to use PIN-debit to buy products on our Web site, we're expanding our customer base."

Like PIN-debit payments in a brick-and-mortar store, Internet PIN-debit transactions are processed across the EFT networks directly with the consumer's bank, allowing real-time, guaranteed payments to Internet retailers at much lower transaction costs than those which are associated with credit card or signature debit card transactions.

ATM Direct's patented and patent-pending technology provides a complete framework of multi-factor authentication, advanced PKI, secure communications and behavioral analytics that enhance transaction security.

ATM Direct's technologies ensure that the consumer's PIN number is never available to the merchant, and is never accessible to others.

ATM Direct is the only service in the world that provides Internet PIN debit with software-only technologies that have been certified by leading
EFT networks.